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Seniors of Class 5 Raw


Updated:Feb 25,2024

A walk down memory lane of school memories filled with studying and bullying. After graduation, each student who was a senior of Class 5 receives a message to participate in an alumni reunion. No one knows who sent the message. A reward of $10,000 and the location is an abandoned island. Although there were some suspicious parts to the message, everyone participates, thinking that it was a joke. In this event, everyone relives and faces their past self which they had buried for so long.

Seniors of Class 5 Raw
0.0/ 5
  • Jilun & Kampiseu
Alternate Titles
  • 3학년 5반
  • 3ER Grado 5TA Clase
  • Grade 3 Class 5
  • Seniors of Class 5 Raw